Chili Con Carne Mac and Cheese

Photo by Jun Pang
Photo by Jun Pang

One of my dreams is to one day own a mac and cheese food truck!

You can just about make any flavour and then toss it through macaroni and bake it.  Imagine all the things you like, then mix it in with macaroni.  For example, I love chili and chili con carne, mix it in with macaroni, put cheese on top and and bake it in the oven and you have chili mac and cheese.  You can also have it cold like a salad like they do in the Philippines.  There they have a salad with macaroni, its usually with pineapple, ham, palm seeds, cheddar cheese and coconut dressed with mayonnaise or sour cream, sounds weird but bloody tasty stuff.

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Cajun Spice Mix

American food!!  I can’t stop thinking about it having just come back from the U.S.  I love this lavish, comfort food.  The thought of American diners just gets the mouth watering.  Southern fried chicken, hot dogs, fries with melted cheese, clam chowders and you can’t forget hamburgers.  When I was in Washington I had some of the finest Buffalo Wings in a little typical American diner which was almost 60 years old.  I swear I could have just sat there and ate those little morsels all night and don’t get me started on the pork ribs, bloody amazing!

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