Queenstown, New Zealand

If God created a place for all his children so that they can run, play and marvel at pure, awesome beauty, then that place would have to be Queenstown.

View from Mt Remarkables
View from Mt Remarkables

I think I am at home in the cold, surrounded by snow capped, jagged edged mountains that touch the clouds.  I think I am at home in a place surrounded by tall pine trees, so thick and dense that the colour green places my heart and mind at ease.  I think I am at home beside the wide and vast lakes that make it seem you are at sea when you look into it, with it’s dark blue clear waters that stretch on for miles, disappearing behind the mountains that frames every view of the city.

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Richard Gunner Fine Meats Beef Ribs w Chipotle Sauce

Picture by Martine Robert of ChompChomp.com.au

Well, here it is guys, the recipe for the tender RGFM beef rib with chipotle sauce.

One of the other dishes that went down well for the 2012 Eat.Drink.Blog dinner were these awesomely tender beef ribs with chipotle sauce.  I have a deep fascination with secondary cuts of meat, I love them.  Growing up, I hardly saw primary cuts being served on our dining table at home.  My mum or my grandmother would cook with predominantly secondary cuts like ox tail, ribs, beef tendons etc.  Beef ribs was used in a Filipino dish called sinigang; my mum would use either pork ribs or beef ribs, either way, it was braised in a stock flavoured with tamarind for hours until the meat is so tender it almost falls apart especially when you try to sneak one out of the pot, which was often for me because I would always try and pinch one out of the pot before they were served.

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