Salsa Verde

It is such an amazingly versatile sauce.  One of the first sauce I learned in a kitchen were salsas.  Not much skill needed here but the skill you learn here is how to balance flavours. In this case acidity.  You don’t want this to be over powering in acidity, just enough sharpness to get the palate “excited”.  You should be able to taste all the ingredients in the salad of what ever it is you are using the salsa verde for.

Salsa verde comes in many versions.  This version is some what close to the Italian version but there other “green sauces” like chimichurri in Argentina and sauce verte in France.

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Oysters Kilpatrick

We are lucky here in South Australia, we do get some of the best seafood in Australia and arguably, the world.  I have travelled a bit and there is no other place where you can get so much variety of seafood with such freshness.  The unique waters of the Spencer Gulf is home to many things we love to eat that come from the sea including the Spencer Gulf King Prawns.  Tasty buggers and the size and quality is unmatched.  Prized for it’s fleshy meat and sweet flavour, the prawn is one the biggest I have seen, consistently!

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Pickled Sardines on Toast

I got this idea when I went to a cafe for breakfast one day with a friend.  I was totally surprised that they would be brave enough to have some thing like this on the menu because it isn’t really a popular dish for breakfast in Australia let alone on any service period, which is another one of those things I cannot understand.

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