Sauteed Mushrooms, Toasted Sour Dough, Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce

I think that breakfast can be the most enjoyable meal of the day.

There is nothing better than waking up on an “early-ish” Sunday morning, going to the farmers market and shopping for fresh ingredients like fresh mushrooms, freshly baked bread, eggs fresh from the farm and herbs straight from the farm garden. It’s a peaceful start to a day, no rushing about and you can really enjoy these wonderful stress free moments and for me, to enjoy that part of the day is rare because it is usually the busiest time of my normal day. You can really let your mind wonder and relax.

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Corn Bread

I could eat corn bread all day.  Fresh baked straight from the oven with whipped butter, you could ask for nothing more.

This is easier than making bread.  No resting time, no proving time, simply make the batter, place into tins and bake.  The batter itself takes no longer than 5 minutes to put together, no skill required here, it’s like making pancake batter.

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A memorable breakfast….

I had a very good friend who cooked me this dish one morning for breakfast.  It doesn’t happen often but what a way to wake up, to the smell of a cooked breakfast.  I’m lucky that she was a talented chef, I was expecting a fried egg but I was surprised with such an amazing and yet easy dish.  The beauty of this dish is that she used ingredients that were in the fridge.  Apart from a few other bits like chorizo, every thing else was left over ingredients that needed to be used up and it didn’t take long to prepare or cook, literally minutes.  Served straight out of the pan it also saved on cleaning time, ingenious because if you can save on cleaning time and come up with an amazing meal, then you’re all right in my books!!

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Pickled Sardines on Toast

I got this idea when I went to a cafe for breakfast one day with a friend.  I was totally surprised that they would be brave enough to have some thing like this on the menu because it isn’t really a popular dish for breakfast in Australia let alone on any service period, which is another one of those things I cannot understand.

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