New York (part three and final part)

New York (part three)

So we’re on the final few days in New York and the fun bits are yet to come.

First we had lunch at place called Chipotle, a Mexican fast food restaurant like no Aussies have ever seen before.  I have been in search of a few ideas for a lunch concept and the idea I had in mind was some where business people can come in, spend 10 minutes max in the restaurant and leave with a fresh product that will satisfy a large cross section of people, from the health conscious eater to the indulgent eater.  Chipotle was excellent.  We arrived just before the lunch rush.  As you enter, there seemed to be an expectation that people who go into this restaurant knew exactly what to do and it was obvious we didn’t.  We lined up and as we got closer to the counter, the menus we had been staring at still made little sense to us so as we have done before, we followed what  the people before us did.

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New York (part two)

New York (part two)

So we were in on the third day in New York by now.  We left the hotel early and as usual we caught the train to Central Station.  New York Central Station is a landmark , much visited by the tourists, so being a tourist we headed that way.

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New York City (part one)

New York (part one)

The title alone looks exciting right!  Just reading that gets a lot of people excited and rightfully so.  New York is one hell of place!

I organised this trip right on the 11th hour.  My good friend was going to be there and she knows New York really well and my mum and dad were going to be there to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday which meant that that my sister was also going to the States to meet up with them, seeing she lived close by and to give my parents the opportunity to see their grand children and for me to hug my niece and nephew.  This was enough reason to convince me to go to NYC.

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