Buttermilk Chicken, Polenta Crumbed Okra with House Made Tartare Sauce

Photo by Jun Pang
Photo by Jun Pang

I have talked about “Dude Food” several times, I just have a huge fascination with it.  To me, it’s about comfort.  I love cooking and eating food that’s tasty, easy to eat and easy to recognize.

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Crispy Spatchcock with Pineapple & Capsicum in Shaoxing

Photo By Jun Pang

When I was a kid, I used to eat a lot of Filipino food.  I found that they used to fry a lot of food like pork belly, fish and chicken until it was really crispy, so crispy that you can eat the entire thing, bones and all.

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Adobo – WARNING once you start eating this, you won’t be able to stop……………

One of the best things to eat is a Filipino chicken Adobo! Adobo is as Filipino as it can get, it’s like the curry is as Indian as it gets and tacos are as Mexican as it can get. If you ask “Filo’s” what a typical Filo dish would be, most will say Adobo. Teamed with garlic fried rice, all you’ll need is warm weather and straw hutts and you’ll think you were in the Philippines.

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Congee – Chicken and Ginger

Filipino’s call it “lugaw” but most people know it as “congee”

It is by far the easiest thing to cook and it was definitely one of the first things I picked just by watching my mum and my grandma cook this dish.  It is a dish that my mum cooks on a cold winter’s day, especially for lunch.  It’s filling, tasty and it warms the body  really quickly.  Traditionally the Chinese have this as a breakfast meal.  As the name translates to rice porridge, it’s usually served plain with condiments like  soy sauce, spring onion, ginger and steamed chicken.  Brilliant way to start the day!

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Hot, aromatic Sri Lankan Kottu Roti…..

Sri Lanka is a food wonderland!  I had the opportunity to cook in Sri Lanka last year in our sister hotel.  There I met over 170 chefs in one hotel and I learnt so much about cooking in such a short time.  There were over 17 food and beverage outlets, all ranging from Japanese cuisine right through to Italian and fine dining so you can imagine the talent in these kitchens and the knowledge all in one place, to me I was like a kid in a toy store and I didn’t know where to turn to next.

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