Sauteed Mushrooms, Toasted Sour Dough, Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce

I think that breakfast can be the most enjoyable meal of the day.

There is nothing better than waking up on an “early-ish” Sunday morning, going to the farmers market and shopping for fresh ingredients like fresh mushrooms, freshly baked bread, eggs fresh from the farm and herbs straight from the farm garden. It’s a peaceful start to a day, no rushing about and you can really enjoy these wonderful stress free moments and for me, to enjoy that part of the day is rare because it is usually the busiest time of my normal day. You can really let your mind wonder and relax.

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How to Butcher and Truss a Lamb Loin Roll Ready for Roasting

1.  Start with the spine of the carcass facing you.  If you are right handed, face the legs away from you and spine facing you.  Place the tail end to your right, it is much easier to start this way.

2.  Measure the first spine joint from the hind quarter (tail end), usually this is in line with where the flap joins to the top of the outer thigh; make a mark with your knife so you know where to start the cut cut.  On the fore quarter side (head end), feel where the third and fourth rib is (start your count from the tail end) and make a mark in between the third and four rib with your knife squared to the spine bone.

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Chefs Dinner – Pigs Ears & Speck Pasta

Every now and again my chefs and I treat our selves with a meal before service. Usually it’s left over stuff that would normally hit the bins from specials that might not have performed too well or change of menu and we’re left with ingredients we can’t incorporate into the new menu.

This particular occasion, we had pigs ears.  I love pig ears, you can do so many things with them.  I like them really crispy on the outside and the cartelidge in the middle adds to that texture.  Crispy fried pig ears, tossed in salt served with a chili, soy and vinegar dipping sauce –  priceless!

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Cooking Lesson from Sri Lanka – How to make Roti Bread

Making “roti” bread is still definitely an art.  Like the ancient art of noodle pulling, roti’s have that sense professionalism about it, that sense of mastery.  We as chef’s learn our trade through years of practice and experience.  For all you young wannabe chefs out there, there are no short cuts what so ever, not even winning Master Chef will get you any where near some ones ability who has been cooking for many years, not in the commercial world!

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