Cooking Lesson from Sri Lanka – How to make Roti Bread

Making “roti” bread is still definitely an art.  Like the ancient art of noodle pulling, roti’s have that sense professionalism about it, that sense of mastery.  We as chef’s learn our trade through years of practice and experience.  For all you young wannabe chefs out there, there are no short cuts what so ever, not even winning Master Chef will get you any where near some ones ability who has been cooking for many years, not in the commercial world!

When I was showed how to make roti from my friends in Sri Lanka, I was reminded of how much I still had to learn about cooking.  Cooking is a never ending lesson, you do keep on learning way beyond the years one will spend in this industry.  Even the great chefs are reminded sometimes that they too have a lot to learn.  I watched a video the other day with Gordon Ramsay being taught how to make noodles by hand, he failed miserably!  A great chef by all means but with still a lot to learn.  Which brought the focus on me, just shows I much I still have to learn!

If you want a challenge, try making roti!  And if there is any one out there who is willing to teach me how to make hand pulled noodles, I will be willing to be your dedicated student.

Chef Ravi teaching his young apprentice and also giving me a lesson

How To Make Roti

2Kg Plain Flour

125gr Butter

50gr Sugar

3 Eggs

50ml Milk

2 Litres Water

Salt to taste


  1. Place butter, eggs, sugar in a container
  2. Place the flour in the bowl and add water until doughy
  3. Add the milk
  4. Add the butter mixture
  5. Oil the surface of a a tray with oil and allow to rest with oil rubbed on top, then cover with cling film for at least 30 minutes
  6. Once rested break the dough into 100gr balls
  7. Oil a smooth work surface (in the picture it is an up turned metal tray) and flattened the ball of dough with the palm of your hand.  Use oil to make this easier and smoother
  8. Flatten out forming a circular surface about the size of dinner plate
  9. Place your left, palm facing up, fingers under the dough and thumb on top and the right hand with palm facing down, fingers on top and thumb under the dough
  10. In one swift movement, flip your right hand over your left and allowing the dough to slap on the oiled surface.  Continue to flip this dough until paper thin.
  11. Oil a hot flap top and grill until crispy, toasted and golden brown.
Follow the step by step slide show but please take note that this recipe is a quarter of the recipe the slide show is showing


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